Marvel MD - Dual Head QPL System for Hair Reduction

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+ Automatic pulse control

+ Rapid 5 pulses per second

+ Reliable liquid cooled system

+ Safe filtered light (650, 690, 755nm)* with no UVA or UVB

+ Affordable spares, heads from only £800+VAT

+ Versatile treatment on any skin colour Fitzpatrick I-VI

+ Large head 15x50mm 7.5cm2

+ Dual head system, easy switching between protocols

+ 100,000 shot guarantee

+ Free on-site support

+ Free medical protocol support

+ Full legs in 20 minutes

+ Full back in 10 minutes

+ Also treats vascular legions, skin rejuvenation & active acne

+ Core knowledge training available on request

Dual Head System


Don't waste time. With 2 heads it is easy to switch between light filters and treatment protocols. All heads for the Marvel MD are in-built for better long term reliability. There are several heads to choose from with different wavelength filters (from 650nm to 755nm) and with variable sizes. The largest is 7.5cm2 and still produces 5 flashes per second!


With system purchases from EpiSoft we provide 1 year warranty, and with the Marvel MD we also provide a staggering 100,000 shot guarantee. However, if the worst was to happen with a 2 head system there is no need to panic. Feel reassured that with a spare head treatment can always go ahead.


QPL - Quick Pulsed Light


Quick Pulse Light is the latest revelation in IPL technology for permanent hair reduction. The Marvel MD produces 5 pulses per second at lower energy levels with a longer sustained wavelength impulse. This process produces slower heating of the hair follicle and bulge in comparison to intense light, reducing the pain inflicted whilst producing the same results.



IMT - In-Motion Technology


Producing 5 pulses per second is no easy task. The Marvel MD contains futuristic switching diodes and relays which allows the system to produce QPL. This process of generating rapid pulses can not be found anywhere else. This is UK developed IMT technology, which allows the user to slide the head over the body flashing continuously in motion. Watch the videos by clicking here for a quick demonstration.